We'll Always Have Paris is the twelfth episode of Red Band Society's first season episode of Season 1.

It will premiere on February 7th, 2015

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As Kara is undergoing a heart transplant in real life, she finds herself in the in-between world with Hunter. Hunter explains that he has some time left before "going into the light" and suggests that they go on a little trip. They start off watching Kara's body in the operating room, but when Hunter asks about a happy time in Kara's life, they transport to Paris. After their time together, Kara doesn't want to leave Hunter, but he gives her a speech on the importance of life, after which she wakes up from surgery. A temporary patient named Mae shows up at the hospital, putting Dash on alert. They had started an online relationship on a cystic fibrosis forum, but he avoids her because their conditions don't allow them to be together. Charlie is regaining his motor skills, and Dr. Naday has him playing video games. He also tries to make progress with Nurse Jackson, who is still preoccupied with what happened to Hunter. Meanwhile, Jordi's grandmother Alma has taken a disliking to Dr. McAndrew, who is trying to get her to sign off on his surgery. However, Jordi later tells Dr. McAndrew that he doesn't want it anymore, no longer believing that he can get better because of the recent developments with Hunter and Leo. Alma then expresses her disappointment in Jordi for losing his faith, which causes him to reconsider. At the end, Jordi decides to give Leo, who has been depressed and silent since he got the news about his cancer, a pep talk. He is finally able to get through to Leo about continuing to fight.

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