Waiting For Superman is the thriteenth episode of Red Band Society's first season episode of Season 1 and the final episode of Red Band Society.

It will premiere on February 7th, 2015

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Dash and Mae sneak off to be together, but they are caught by Kenji and Brittany, who end up employing security guards to keep them apart. Emma's parents are visiting for a family therapy session, but Emma's continued resentment toward her mother for dismissing her anorexia gets in the way. After a failed trust fall exercise and an argument with Emma in the bathroom, Emma's mother almost leaves the hospital, but then Brittany has a talk with her in the elevator. It is only when her mother returns that Emma is able to have a deep conversation with her. Kara is also having problems with her mother, who tells her that she needs to learn to change for the better. Kara takes it to heart. Charlie is now able to move about in a wheelchair, and Nurse Jackson thanks Dr. Naday for everything before he jets off to meet with his next patient. Meanwhile, Leo is pessimistic about beating cancer for a second time and being the one to hold everyone up, until Mae tells him that he doesn't always have to be invincible like Superman. After they escape their rooms to see each other, Dash reluctantly ends it with Mae for their own safety. The "red band society", including Charlie, reunites on the roof one last time and starts singing "You Can't Always Get What You Want", which results in Charlie speaking for the first time since his coma. Later that night, he is discharged from Ocean Park. The series ends with Dr. McAndrew and Nurse Jackson acknowledging that the hardest part of their job is knowing that everyone eventually leaves, though they themselves will always stay.

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  • Jessica Lu as Mae

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  • Since the shows cancellation on January 14th, 2015, this will be the final episode.

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