The Guilted Age is the eleventh episode of Red Band Society's first season episode of Season 1.

It will premiere on January 31st, 2015

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Leo and Kara try to forget that their hookup ever happened, but are stuck feeling guilty when they find out that Emma has been readmitted and Hunter is facing complications from his transplant surgery. Kara finds out that the note Hunter left her is an official document stating that he will donate his heart to her in the event that he doesn't survive the surgery. Dr. Grace wants to appeal, thinking that Kara is undeserving, which (among other things) creates more tension between her and Dr. McAndrew. Emma finds out that her eating disorder might have caused permanent damage to her body and seeks comfort in Leo. Dash suggest that Leo cut ties with Emma so that she'll learn to take of herself first and foremost. He confesses about Kara and Emma kicks him out of her room. Meanwhile, Jordi attends a court hearing for his emancipation case, but is preoccupied about his drug-dealing situation and freezes up. Nurse Jackson speaks on his behalf, but the judge still denies his emancipation. Upon his return to the hospital, he gets a surprise visit from his grandmother. Kara is conflicted about whether or not to accept Hunter's heart, though Ashley tells her to not deny him his dying wish. Kara also shares a moment with Emma. Later, Kara sneaks into Hunter room to say that she loves him and he opens his eyes, but then the machines go off as his heart rate starts to plummet. Hunter is taken into the operating room, but ultimately cannot be saved. An inconsolable Ashley breaks down in Kara's arms. While preparing for Leo's discharge, Dr. McAndrew notices that the cancer has returned.

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