In order to maintain a friendly and welcoming chat, the Red Band Society Wiki uses the system of a Chat Moderation Team. Members of the Chat Mod Team possess chat moderation rights and are in charge of enforcing the rules and making the chat a safe and enjoyable place for every user. To join the Chat Mod Team, please post an application via the comments!

Be sure to check out the Spam Team as well!

Chat Mod Team Members

Admin Captains - Naya Rivera and TheFemaleBoss

All Administrators are part of the Chat Mod Team.

The Chat Mod Team will become active once Red Band Society airs! Be sure to apply come September!

Duties of a Chat Mod Team member

  • Chat Mod Team members should be very active on chat and known by the majority of people.
  • In case of conflicts, such as heated arguments or bashing, Chat Mod Team members should be ready to intervene and sort out the issue while enforcing the rules.
  • Chat Mod Team members should be ready to enforce warnings, kicks or bans on trolls or people who have repeatedly broken/ignored the given rules.

How to become a member of the Chat Mod Team

  • To become a member of the Chat Mod Team, you need to post an application via the comments section.
  • Be sure to meet the following requirements:
    • High activity rate on chat
    • General positive and mature behaviour
  • Exceeding the requirements does not guarantee your acceptance.
  • You may nominate another user, but make sure they meet the requirements and are okay with being nominated first!
  • Please note that you can't vote for/support other users below their application.

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