Know Thyself is the seventh episode of Red Band Society's first season. It premiered on November 12, 2014


At the beginning of the episode, Nurse Jackson is at home cooking when her niece comes up to her. She tells her that maybe the suspension is a good thing, and that now Nurse Jackson can resume her passion of singing. While cleaning out her closet, she finds a dress and realizes it's her dress from her singing group.

Meanwhile, Kara, Leo, Emma, Jordi, Dash, and Hunter all sit down and start thinking about what to write in a letter to 'whom it may concern' to try to get Nurse Jackson reinstated. Hunter promises to 'show them something real'. He takes everyone but Emma and Leo, who are going to lunch to meet some of Leo's old friends. Hunter takes them to see a surgery, during which Dash falls ill. When they get back, Dr. Jack McAndrew yells at them for sneaking down there. Dash coughs up blood and falls unconscious. He becomes stabilized, and rests in his bed.

Emma and Leo meet Leo's friends. They go to lunch, where the girl criticizes Emma for her eating disorder. Emma and Leo go back to the hospital and start arguing. They later make up, during which Emma eats a snack.

Dash is unconscious and visits the subconscious hospital. He tries to find Charlie, but he cannot seem to find him. After Nurse Jackson has her suspension lifted, she visits him and discovers that Charlie is awake.


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Kara: Maybe we do all die alone, but that doesn't mean we need to live alone.
Jordi: The problem isn't that I threw away my red band, Dash. The problem is that I put it on in the first place.
Kenji: Brittany, in the three days since Jackson's been gone, I've worked four doubles which I didn't even know was mathematically possible. I've been thrown up on eleven times, shaved a screaming child whose medication was making him grow body hair and now I'm compulsively eating deep fried beef just to stay awake.
Hunter: I told you to stay.
Kara: Yeah, I'm not a Golden Retriever.

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I Bet My Life by Imagine Dragons

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