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Kara Souders
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Address: Los Angeles, California
Aliases: "The Mean Girl"

(show's label)

Family & Friends
Family: Sarah (mother)
Daniella (stepmother)
Unnamed father
Unnamed stepmother
Relationships: Leo Roth
(kissed; Hooked up)
(ex-boyfriend; was in love with; deceased; true love)
Friends: Emma Chota (best friend)
Leo Roth (best friend)
Jordi Palacios (best friend)
Dash Hosney (best friend)
Other Information
Interests: Cheerleading (not anymore)
Education: Ocean Park Hospital

PCHS (Previous)

Awards: Homecoming Queen
Series Information
First Appearance: Pilot
Portrayer: Zoe Levin

|Status= Alive

Kara Souders is a main character on Red Band Society. She is a patient at Ocean Park Hospital for an enlarged heart, due to her prominent drug abuse. She is last on the waiting list for a new heart, due to the fact that she smokes, drinks, and abuses drugs, such as cocaine and marijuana. She formally was a cheerleader at her high school and was given the nickname "The Mean Girl". Her biological parents divorced when she was young. Her mother then went on to marry her nanny, and her father remarried.

She is portrayed by Zoe Levin.


Kara is a stereotypical cheerleader who only thinks of herself. She has two stepmothers: her dad's new wife, and her nanny, who married her mom. It soon becomes clear that Kara struggles with having lesbian/bisexual moms. In the first episode, Pilot, it is revealed that she has an enlarged heart, and that, while it is alright for now, she is in need of a new heart, but her extensive drug usage has made her fail 4 out of 5 drug test resulting in her being at the bottom of the organ waiting list. Kara is the "Queen Bee" type, but as the show progresses, we see that she has a softer side that she is not keen on sharing. This is particurlarly true in Episode ​There's No Place Like Homecoming.After learning that she is inadequate for the list for new organs, she has the realization that her cruel ways helps no one, and hurts herself more than others.

Season 1 Edit

Pilot Edit

Kara goes to the Ocean Park Hospital after fainting. There she meets the Nurse Jackson, Charlie, Emma, Leo, Jordi, and Dash. She acts like a "mean girl" in front of them. Leo invites Kara to a party for Jordi to say goodbye to his leg. After fainting again, she "dreams" with Charlie, and he tells her to say to his father that it was not his fault, so she does near the end of the episode. Kara also finds out that she has a defective heart, so she need a new one, but she is the last on the waitlist for a new heart. At the end of the episode, she becomes part of "The Red Band Society".


Kara appears to be very mean to everyone and thinks she is above everyone elses' problems. She breaks a little when she finds out she is the last on the wait list to get a new heart and realizes she is in the same boat as everyone else. At the end of the pilot episode, she starts to warm up to Charlie and orders him pizza in the hope that the smell of the pizza will make him wake up. She smokes and does drugs and that's why she's at the bottom of the waiting list for a heart transplant. Full circle, Kara comes off as a cold, bitter, shallow and insensitive person in the beginning, but there is possibly more to complexity to her. This comes in to play when she begins her relationship with Hunter. When Hunter dies, we see a new side of Kara. She holds Ashley, Hunter's sister, as she cries and tries to stay strong. But as we start to see new layers of her, we realize she isn't the tough, mean girl that she tries to be and we begin to see new reasons for that.


Leo Roth Edit

  • Kara kissed Leo (1x04)
  • Kara slept with Leo (1x10)


  • Hunter kissed Kara (1x08)
  • Hunter and Kara almost had sex (1x09)
  • Hunter died due to liver surgery failure and donated heart to Kara (1x11)


Episodes in bold mean that Kara has a big role during that episode or something important happens to her.

Season OneEdit

My Car


  • She is one of three patients that smoke, along with Leo Roth and Dash Hosney
  • She doesn't like letting people into her life.
  • Kara was drug dependent, and is currently dealing with drug withdrawal
  • She has three mothers; two of them are stepmothers.
  • Her nanny married her mom.
  • She was the captain of her cheer team before she was admitted to the hospital.
  • Kara tried to have sex in the hospital with then boyfriend, but was caught  by Nurse Jackson.
  • She tried to smuggle drugs by using a little girl.
  • She kissed Leo Roth in There's No Place Like Homecoming.
  • Her dad and his wife visited her at the hospital in Pilot . This is the only episode they have appeared in.
  • Her moms are more active in her life more than her dad and his wife, sometimes to her dismay.
  • Her moms couldn't visit her in Pilot because they were on a romantic vacation together.


  • "Did you even brush your teeth this morning? Because your breath smells like toenails."
  • (to Charlie) "You don't mind if I smoke, do you, coma boy?"
  • (to Leo and Jordi) "Look at you two, all matchy-matchy with your hot wheels."
  • (to Emma) "I have cigarettes and diet pills if you get hungry."
  • Emma: "I don't smoke, drink, or do drugs."
    Kara: "So unhealthy, right? Not like starving yourself."
  • Nurse Jackson: "We need to put her on a heart monitor. Assuming she has one."
  • "How can you tell a girl she needs a heart when she never really had one to begin with" (Charlie narrates)