Kara Souders
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Address: Los Angeles, California
Aliases: "The Mean Girl"

(show's label)

Family & Friends
Family: Sarah (mother)
Daniella (stepmother)
Unnamed father
Unnamed stepmother
Relationships: Leo Roth
(kissed; Hooked up)
(ex-boyfriend; was in love with; deceased; true love)
Friends: Emma Chota (best friend)
Leo Roth (best friend)
Jordi Palacios (best friend)
Dash Hosney (best friend)
Other Information
Interests: Cheerleading (not anymore)
Education: Ocean Park Hospital

PCHS (Previous)

Awards: Homecoming Queen
Series Information
First Appearance: Pilot
Portrayer: Zoe Levin

Kara Souders is a one of the main characters in the series "Red Band Society".

Before the hospital Edit

Before the hospital Kara was engaged in cheerleading. She was a drug addict. And in one training session she fell and lost consciousness because Kara had heart problems.

Because of this, she was hospitalized.

Appearance Edit

Kara is beautiful girl with a blue eyes and with long blond hair. When she was engaged cheerleading she wore a classic uniform for cheerleading.

In the hospital she often wore a blue hospital dress. But sometimes she let herself wear beautiful clothes such as a white top, white skirt, blue blouse and jeans.

Personality Edit

Kara is daring, rude and selfish girl, but for love's sake she is ready to change.

Kara tried to make friends, but she did it too rudely. But she managed to get friends.

Only before the meeting with Нunter she was so daring. In the process of their relationship, she changed, she became kind and wise. Especially when Hunter bequeathed heart to her, she did not agree to accept it, but Hunter persuaded her. Kara is even better. After cardiac transplantation Kara wanted her mother to change to a better side too.