Hunter - Kara Relationship
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Nickname Kanter, Hara
Status In love despite Hunter's death
First met Ergo Ego
Portrayed by Zoe Levin and Daren Kagasoff

Kanter or Hara is the romantic pairing between Hunter Cole and Kara Souders. They met in Ergo Ego, with their relationship going through constant twists and turns until The Guilted Age, when their relationship comes to an end due to Hunter's death. However, in We'll Always Have Paris, Hunter returns one last time and spends time with Kara in her limbo during her surgery in which Hunter's heart is transplanted into her.

Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

Ergo Ego Edit

After suddenly becoming (temporarily) blind, Kara asks Hunter for help when he comes by. However, due to her cattiness, Hunter sends her to the maternity ward, rather than her room. Later, when Kara is being prepped for surgery, Hunter shows up on the scene. After some arguing, Kara admits to Hunter that she is scared, just like he expected. Near the end of the episode, Kara asks Kenji about Hunter just as Hunter walks by.