Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car is the eighth episode of Red Band Society's first season. It premiered on November 19, 2014.[1]

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Kara gets jealous when a woman arrives at the hospital for Hunter, but then finds out that it's his sister, Ashley who is trying to donate half of her liver to him.

She wants Kara's help in convincing Hunter to go through with it, but he makes it clear that he wants to get better on his own terms and refuses to put his sister at risk.

Dr. Neday has also arrived at the hospital for Charlie, but his unusual treatment process has all of the health professionals questioning his medical credibility.

Meanwhile, Leo, Jordi, Dash, and Emma head out to gather some awakening gifts for Charlie.

Emma has a breakdown after her recent steps forward in her recovery from anorexia.

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Kara: If anyone even joked about giving me their heart, I would rip it out of their chest with my bare hands. Rejecting a liver is an insult to everyone on the organ donor list and it doesn't make you tough, Hunter. It just makes you a stubborn, suicidal moron.
Kara: Taking what I want, getting my way is my super power.
Kara: I've reached my natural tolerance for happiness.
Leo: Charlie's one of us. He's the original Red Bander.
Nurse Jackson: We're celebrating because awake is enough to keep Charlie here at Ocean Park Hospital.

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Medicine- Daughter (When Nurse Brittany brings food for Emma)

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