Erin GraceEdit


Dr. Erin GraceEdit

General Information
Gender: Female
Age: Mid 30's
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Address: Los Angeles, California

Chief of Surgery

Doctor at Doctors without Borders in Senegal

Family & Friends
Relationships: Adam McAndrew

Sam (musician)

Friends: Nurse Jackson
Other Information
Education: PHD
Series Information
First Appearance: Ergo Ego
Portrayer: Mandy Moore

Dr. Erin Grace is a recurring character on Red Band Society. She is a Chief of Surgery at Ocean Park Hospital. She was engaged to Adam McAndrew

She is portrayed by Mandy Moore


Biography Edit

Dr. Grace is a understanding and very nice person. She likes to overcome her personal borders, which her trip to Africa proves. Despite sometimes doubting herself she always tries to do her best. Before she left to Africa she was engaged to Dr. Adam McAndrew, but the two split up, because Erin didn't want to give up on her dreams of becoming a serious doctor.

Season OneEditEdit


Friend: Nurse Jackson: Employee (Nurse)

Ex-Fiancee: Adam McAndrew