Emma Chota, she is a sweet girl with a good heart, except she has an eating disorder, Anorexia.

Emma ChotaEdit

Emma is one of the main characters in the Red Band Society. Emma went to the hospital with anorexia and dated Leo Roth from time to time. In the 3rd episode she had ended up crushing on Jordi, but was still conflicted about her feelings for Leo and Jordi. Her boyfriend is bald so sometimes she pretends it's a giant. She is very skinny because she's diagnosed with anorexia. Emma is a very pretty and sweet girl who is trapped in a dark void. She is based off of a 15 year old girl from social media with anorexia

Opinion: I want the best for her because she is so cute. XOXO - The Writer

Personality Edit

  • She is shy and has trouble making friends
  • She gets confused over who likes, Leo or Jodi, both try hard to get her

Friendships Edit

[1]Leo - She and Leo dated and then became friends but then he kissed her.[2]Jordi - When he first moved here she was there for him, and she held his hand a few times, he likes her but she is not sure whether she likes him back.