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Emma - Jordi Friendship
Jordi and emma
Nickname Jemma
Status Friends with benefits
First met Pilot
Portrayed by Nolan Sotillo and Ciara Bravo

Season 1Edit

Episode 1Edit

Jordi and Emma first met when Leo took Jordi to her room to invite Emma to the goodbye party for Jordi's leg. Leo walks away after becoming jealous that Jordi and Emma get on so well and Jordi ends up sharing a moment with her. Later, after the party, Jordi asks Emma to dance in his room with him because he feels it will be a while before he gets to again. When Jordi is on he's way into surgery, he asks Doctor McAndrew if he can do something. Then he runs to Emma's room and lay a new red band on her bed while she is asleep.

Episode 2 Edit

Emma and Jordi don't interact much in this episode, but she worries about him when he goes in for his surgery.