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Delaney Shaw
IMG 6269.JPG
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Hair Color: Ginger
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'8"
Occupation(s): Popstar
Family & Friends
Relationships: Jordi Palacios (kissed)

Dash Hosney (kissed)

Other Information
Interests: Singing
Talent: Singing
Strengths: Singing
Series Information
First Appearance: How Did We Get Here?
Last Appearance: How Did We Get Here?
Portrayer: Bella Thorne
Delaney Shaw is a guest star on Red Band Society. She is a teen popstar, who is admitted to Ocean Park Hospital due to exhaustion. She has made out with Jordi Palacios and Dash Hosney.

She is portrayed by Bella Thorne

Biography Edit

Delaney is a teen popstar who makes quite an entrance to Ocean Park Hospital. She is admitted there due to exhaustion, which might really be true, because she is not convinced of herself. (How Did We Get Here).

Another big problem of hers is her addiction to pills.

Season One Edit


Relationships Edit

Quotes Edit

  • I am not about to waste my vagazzaling on the Make a Wish Foundation.

Notes Edit


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