Dash - Leo Friendship
Pilot - 021
Nickname Lash, Deo
Status Best Friends
First met Before Pilot
Portrayed by Astro and Charlie Rowe

Deo (Dash/Leo) is the relationship between the Red Band Soceity characters, Dash and Leo, who first met before the Pilot. They are shown to be best friends, who help each other through there issues and get into trouble together. They both like smoking medical marajuana together. Dash seems to be very interested in Leo's love-life.

Throughout the Red Band SocietyEdit

  • In Pilot, they are first seen in a closet smoking marijuana in the hospital. They are caught by Nurse Jackson and lie quickly about thinking this was the new P.T. room. Jackson easily catches on, as they have lied multiple times before, and escort them to class.



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