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Dr. Adam McAndrew
Dr mcandres
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: Mid 30's Early 40's
Hair Color: Brown with grey streaks
Eye Color: Brown
Address: Los Angeles, California
Occupation(s): Doctor
Aliases: "The Hot Doc" (out-of-universe marketing label)
Family & Friends
Relationships: Eva Palacios (sexual; formerly)
Erin Grace (ex-fiancée)
Brittany Dobler (sexual, love intrest)
Friends: Nurse Jackson
Brittany Dobler
Jordi Palacios
Other Information
Education: Doctor of Philosophy
Series Information
First Appearance: "Pilot"
Portrayer: Dave Annable

Dr. Adam McAndrew is a main character on Red Band Society. He is a doctor at Ocean Park Hospital. He cares a great deal for his patients. He is known as the "Hot Doc" on his promotional poster for the series.

He is portrayed by Dave Annable


Season OneEdit



Friend Nurse Jackson: Employee (Nurse)

Friend Leo: Patient

Friend Jordi: Patient

Ex-Fiancee: Erin Grace (Chief of Surgery)

(Possible) Love Interest/One Night Stand: Brittany Dobler (nurse)


"You don't seem to have 'no' in your vocabulary." (To Jordi)


He is very dedicated to his patients. He cares a lot about them, as is seen when Hunter flatlines, the pain in his face and when he had to look at Leo's scans when his cancer is back, how he didn't know how to tell him. Also, he believes there might be some hope for Kara, if the morphine wears off and she is still nice to him and Nurse Jackson. (How Did We Get Here).